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Mobile Tanker Inspection

We come to your location to reduce your down time and reduce costs!

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Visual Inspection

External visual inspection to ensure you are staying in compliance and avoiding future costly repairs

I – L
Internal Inspection – Lining Inspection

Inspecting the inside of the tanker for pitting, cracking, corrosion, or other issues

Leakage Test

Checking valves at specific pressures to check for leaks or damaged seals

Pressure Testing

Pressurizing your tanker to specific pressures for the required time

Thickness Testing

Using an ultra-sonic thickness gauge to confirm shell thickness is in spec

Upper Coupler Inspection

Checking your trailer kingpin and plate for cracks, deformation, and other issues

Elite Tanker Inspections Price List

V – External Visual Inspection$185
I – Internal Visual Inspection$185
K – Leakage Test$275
P – Pressure Test$350
T – Thickness Test$375
UC – Upper Coupler Inspection$190
L – Lining Inspection$185
Confined Space Entry$175
Travel Charge*$55/hour
* 2 hour minimum charge


MC306, MC307, MC312
DOT406, DOT407, DOT412
173.8 Petroleum Tankers